The Gauntlet

Welcome to Verbal Wordplay,
my fellow warriors of the pen
A bootcamp, 
A gym,
A battleground, Laboratory

The idea is simple
Set a 5 minute timer 
Write a poem
Post it

Each poem is based on a topic we select
The first post is your rough draft – no edits
The posts on the following days are edits
We collectively critique each poem every Friday

If after subsequent edits
You feel you have nothing more to add or subtract
Write a new poem based on the topic
The overall goal is to build technique

Each poem is a minimum of 16 lines
Every Friday after critiques
we submit the finished poems
To a poetry contest

our first goal is 30 poems collectively
you can invite anyone to join us but bear this in mind
this is going to last for 1 year and 6 months i.e. till January 2018
think long and hard before you embark on this journey

If you start this challenge you cannot miss a day
If you miss a day you get demoted
If you get demoted you must submit 10 5 minute poems in 24 hours
If you submit 10 poems in 24 hours you are a real G

The idea is to build the technique of writing
The short time frame forces us to be efficient
Building the habit makes it second nature
When the technique becomes second nature…

Happy Trails!


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