Thunderous Wanderer

I awake each day A Slavs to Amy self

Filled with questions

Of who I am

On the journey

To wealth

Fame, riches

All dreams instilled in me

Programmed from the birth of me

To be the best at anything

I set my mind to be

Yet I question

I sit still and question

What’s it all for

What does it all mean

Who says I have to be anything

Other than me

Why is me not enough

To set me free

From the cage I think I’ve built

Why is freedom tough

Who has to pay for independent thought?

I find myself asleep

Stuck in a nightmare of my own design

Yet I have no time for grief

No time to remorsely feel

The regret that runs through me

I stand on aimless feet

Stuck running in circles

Like a rat in a cosmic wheel

Too insignificant to matter to anything

Or anyone who cares enough for me

To let me see the truth

Let me see the truth

Let me feel the truth

And know that somewhere is

My reality

Created insanity

Divergent tenacity

Running from A to Z

Testing everything

Searching memories

Ancient texts and diversity

Even the death of me

To set me free

I ask for vanity

To be vain enough to let me be

The perfect child of vanity

Ask for clarity

To be sound enough

To be the perfect sound of everything

The gol


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