The idea of me

I am an idea

made of good and bad

the good whisper bad things

the bad, good things

I am of what great men are remembered

and of those you ask “who?”

i am as wise as an owl

and very foolish too

i open an easy to walk path

and then I close it shut

i like to make living very easy

with a touch of difficult.

i am constantly in love

And forever in hate

i plant the seed of desire

sow the seed of distaste.

i find pleasure in creation

the sight of destruction too

i work so hard to create a thing

and send it to its doom.

i have so very much to give

For those who need so little

I want to give it all to you

but in a haystack, I am a needle.

i seek to be loved, I love to be sought

but that is not enough

I am an idea of Nothing and lots

No matter, I am God.








4 thoughts on “The idea of me

  1. I love it, Duality all day, very well done
    don’t forget, when you do the revisions, make them new posts so we see the journey from draft to finished article.
    also change the category to the topic of the week

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