10 5 minute Poems for missing a day

1 – Tha Bastard
I missed a day
So I have to pay the price
and write 10 poems today
each 5 minutes a piece
I pray the lord my soul to keep
in peace as I reach
for greatness beyond me
I start to see that I live for thee
not enough for me
nonsensical nonentity
wake me up and bless me please
forgive me father for I have sinned
I forgot my identity
it must have been a sordid dream
I must have dreamed a worldly deed
it’s all obscene obsenity
to awake from dreams at seventy
filled with regret and destinies
surrounded by wealth and memories
of long lost banalities
waiting to pick up from where I left off
stuck in a past nonentity
asleep for all eternity
forgetting the truth and rest at ease
arrest me please or let me cease
only the best at ease
can see mistakes from the lessons free
wake me up I beg you please
don’t let another day pass me by
or see me cry from blessing eyes
to deaden skies with blessed disguise
I wear it well
I swear by all who dwell on earth to tell the truth
at all times and learn the lines
that one time binds all eyes to the mind
not correcting mistakes or achieving praise
for what it takes to make great disgrace
I won’t take your place
only swear to learn the pace
fall in line and dance in time
to the rhythm of life
the reason and rhyme
for none have sinned
tell us no lies
let us wake up to the eternal song
the budding call
of birds tweeting messages on trees
singing our dance around the sun
thumping drumbeats
the sound of war
propelling our feet faster than our hearts can store
blood pouring forth to stave the fall
original sin is its own reward
who made us all the weak and strong?
rich or poor? who gave us what we prayed for?
the devil or his creator
we ask questions where the answers lie
for without them we do not think life is worthwhile
perhaps we are too cynical or naive
to realize that life is no lie
for we are alive all seeing the picture
from a unique perspective
if we shared our vision
we would all be skeptics
yet believers at the same time
how can you believe in that which you do not see
if the brain was built for this?

2 – Insane Ninja
what sort of boy name jake does not eat cake or wait to be served by his mates on plates today?
she asked as I pondered the next task and wondered for wet saps who ask for tic tacs to cover breaths of sars or so harsh to ask parts of trash who jack knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone back so he can bark back at a back packing pack of slim slams who jam on wood banks for boom baps or raps that rhyme with lines of time from fine wined dimes that dine with prime ministers, all sinister, who asked the minister to preach time and time again from a pulpit of disgust at all who mistrust the words written in a book that’s out of time, or words thrown like discus from the mouths of men who never lived us or knew who we were before we became docile, dressed up sheep in wolves clothing who never bother to shave their hair or share to play the part of true believers in blue toting drug smoking herbal deliverance tracks. As I backpack through the limelight I ask right, who has the answers to the questions I’m asking? who are the pastors to the visions I’m having? forgive me father for I have sinned, it’s been two minutes since my laps begin to give me headaches for dreaming of wet play with four days of more yay than any crack back black jack dealer of smack packs can pack into an array

3 – Vulgar Genius
blue eyes
the definition of the enlightened
but who lies
does this not resemble the description of a white man
caucasian if you will
with white hair
running through indian plains
lost far far away from home
the enlightened one
stumbled upon the knowledge of the ages
paying no wages to any who follows his teaching
volunteers must be for free
or who else believes
it must cost you something
for nothing in life is free
except the best you see
come with me
I will open your eyes till infinity
you will never sleep again
your dear tear ducts will be dried of all tears
you will never cry again
you shall know no pain
for you will be one with me
no body
no more body
no more separation of bodies
just one mind
all spirit
follow me
find yourself within
as long as it is within me
the answers oh curious one
lie on the road less travelled
except for a first class ticket
to a two way street
on the third day
of the fourth attempt
of every fifth star aligned to the moon
on the sixth day of ramadan
because seven is a perfect number
if you believe in magic
do you believe in magic?
in a young girls pants
sweat dripping down humid palms
unsure of how to unbutton the beginnings of an end
where does one start to describe the feelings
or express everything
where words fail
tears fall
and all who witness it in silence
are awed and appalled

4 – Intellectual Warlock
jumping jack flash decided to run through time on his back swimming laps around the competition
arising, stroking back and forth the egomaniac asked for directions with laser pistol eyes shooting through frustrations
only the little blind boy with beggar tooth syndrome could see the truth and ask for loot on his way to the doctor
who concocts these stories anyways asked the man with four balls who could hardly walk
two blind mice killed the third saying they were tired of sharing the witches eyes
and fourth who was never heard from again lived a peaceful life
it is I who set out to set fire to missy’s heart but came back charged with arson for 50 lives
I dream, I dream in technicolor of joseph’s coat to be rubbed by 12 sisters on slitheren’s boat
but no one knows, no one truly knows the heart of a man is in the belly of the stomach of the mind of a woman who is trapped inside an apple bite of a serpent’s tight lipped secrets of truth
giving knowledge to all who will defy death in their search for the secret to being God
for who can resist the urge to be just like their father, the person who created them from nothing
does form follow function to the grave they ask or does conjunction junction continually switch stations
like fashion styles?

5 – Lazy-Assed Overlord
what makes you happy? she said to me
me oh, me, oh me oh my, me, myself and I was all I replied
what kind of question is that?
we find joy within all three of us in a circle sing
each one of victories
dreams and ideas and celebrities
minus the celebrities
we drink and drink and drink
until we can think no more only think of thinking
for thoughts never stop pouring like water falls on rocks of ideas
till all that’s left is pure stones left to run through lands
gathering moss on fertile grounds
pollinating minds in several lands
each one experimenting
trying a different tactic
a different perspective of solving problems
problems that do not exist save in the mind of the solution
for the answer begat the question and the question gave rise
to the chicken who bore the egg
yet no one knows the first leg
from whence do ideas come?
and to whence do they go?
what more questions must arise before we accept it
all ignorant goats know one thing
life, all that matters is life
you must live and survive
if you are to thrive in your strife to become right
morally right for moralities might
is in the fact that the difference between animals and ants
is insignificant, like light
to a blind man or color to sight
serving no real purpose but to remind one of what one does not have
mister salesman

6 – Amateur Beggar
the road to hell is paved with good intentions
said the wise goat to the sailor
take your mind and dwell on the future
take your time and leave the past
forgetting all that it brings you is a trap
don’t be trapped by the four walls of your mind
depressingly guiding back into lost time
forgotten memories about how helpless you are
as a child dependent on giants for everything
wishing of a future time where you can stand on your own
no buckling feet beneath the weight of the truth that is you
holding you back from succumbing to youth
never sticking to your present moment
always dancing between time travel
illusions of changing your present fate
avoiding boredom like the plague
let’s change another tv station flip backwards
somersault through all the moments we have
on the flip a gram instagram child of pornographic dice
randomly selected by nature to carry on the torch
and family trees bless seeds that pass on the force
all jedis and siths must meet
somewhere in the deep reaches of the pocket of the rich
to decide who dies leaving only the coward to tell the tale
for dead men tell no tales
except of the grave
spooking children who walk by cemeteries as they play
leaving wise words for all to say
who would hear when they walk away
you can only live for today

7 – The Sun
“the sun never rises or sets on us”, she said
so we endless dance around her
running around in elliptical circles
orbiting as we reflect her warm ever loving glow
we cannot go far from here
no matter how far she is always near
for we are bound by the invisible strings of gravity
our father’s web
spun so far out intricately that though we see him not
we feel his love radiating in her warmth
and when the butterfly causes disastrous worlds to fall
by soft spoken words on ears begging for release
we find ourselves back at peace
worshipping at the mother’s feet
her warmth ever loving trees of these fears are free to still scare
children in their dreams
who dream of being free from their mothers nightmare
overbearing disease to be cured by independent fleets
of roaches scurrying about for the survival of the species
yet every mother’s dream is for her children to be free
to stand tall on their own two feet independently
as long as that independence is not from me
for I birth you and you sucked at my tits with your undeveloped teeth
I nurtured those wandering feet
poured tears on every wound till you were healed
held you so dear that my heart broke into a million pieces

8 – Mad Professional
assassinate his character with words
I swore I’d utter every thought that comes
no pause eyes flutter wide shut
I fought for more than my fair share of glorious wars
to floor the cause and bear the brunt of the sword against my guts
guns do no justice to cowards who flee crime scenes for dreams unseen
draw quick before anyone sees you leave the scene where memes are built
pictures speak endlessly while words with limits speak with efficient design
of machines built to think or learn from patterned dreams
lucid dreaming of lucy in the sky with diamonds bought from blood sweat
and currency, money speaks where all else fails
and words still exchange glances to remain sane for the rest of the day
one more day she says
one more day, just give me one more day and I’ll pay
I’ll slave away till I can pay
I’ll pave the way for all other slaves to never have to work again
so I’ll drain every ounce of sweat and blood and pour upon stone and sand
till I make reality out of nothing
writing my name indelibly in sand
as the sands of time try again and again to wash me away
upon beaches of stormy shores
never to be remembered for more than a day
I’ll slave away till all are free
and my family tree bears no resemblance of me
leaves falling in the wind
blown back and forth like ships on stormy seas
of desert sands
unpleasant reality

9 – Irate Magician
clearly you don’t know me
I’m the irate magician
you should know me
I flow for days
I make magic appear in ways you have never seen
or ever dreamed
or can ever think
you can’t get next to me
I’m better than
anyone who thinks they can
doesn’t matter what it is
if you think you can
I’m better than even your soda can
pouring sugar down your thirsty throat
I’m water
feeding your empty souls with enough soul force
To bring you back to the dead
all dread, ask if you’re afraid
I’m here to take away any confidence you had
in your ability to be the best
because I’m better
take it up a notch
and I’ll ruin all you ever thought was possible
with a simple shrug of the shoulders or a terrible nod
“You tried”
you should be glad I showed up
to show you the errors of your way
“I’m just telling you the truth”
“You know I’ll never lie to you”
“I do it because I love you”
fuck you, you ungrateful piece of shit
you should worship the ground I walk on
water for hours or days and pray so I can grace you with my imminent presence
and maybe then you will make
you can make it past the pearly gates
we will clap for you
good job son, well done
you finally made it
after a bunch of nonsense tries and endless lies
welcome to the club of content contempt and foolish strength
we express with words what our hands can’t contend
you are welcome to the club
pass your master the card with the visa to the lounge of the hearts of the mass
produced masses

10 – Wicked Samurai
no honor amongst thieves
unless they are free
then all bets are off
no gambling fees
kill all who oppose me please
unless they pay the fee
then all get my love
small killing spree
we all dream of our destiny
yet no one is sure
unless they do their best
free prizes, please
if all small do grow tall
who spreads disease?
no one is sure
except the money trees
we all bless the lord
he shares his mercies still
yet all gods are small
prepare for destiny
if all men are gods
then who are we?
I guess in questioning
we become one and all
so much for more
no one is small
if they look from the right light
at the moon from sunlight
give us us free
no more begging please
we are done with wrestle in
now we take it from thee


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