Strip me down naked

Leave me bare

Take away my pain

Then act like you have no care

Leave me empty

Leave me subdued

Give them all and take me none

I want you to give me some

Give me some of that love

Give me some of your blood

Spill it upon me and allow me to see

Because you have already taken from me

State your case to me

I don’t need much convincing

All I want is for you to be focused

Only on me, because I’ll pretend to see

Pretend to give and pretend to seethe

Leave me

And then decease me

Take away my being and put upon me

Find me find me

Please just find me

For I fear I cannot embark alone

It seems just too forlorn

Take me away, steer me clear

Find me find me

I need you to seek see

Hold me hold me

I need you to capture we

Because it’s there you see,

We have built it and we didn’t know

But our castle has the potential to be strong

lead me just lead me

I need you to figure me

Let me be

Just let me be

So I can soar through the clouds of my subconscious

Clear the pathways

Subdue the concussion

The chips have fallen

Enter me enter me

For I am closed

The key is with you now

Do upon me as you see fit

Do upon me and leave me stripped

by iamtadala.


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