Untitled 2

I find it hard to breatheI can’t seem to figure out the technique

Is it because ur near that I’m useless now

Is it because my fear has me senseless now

I peek at you and catch your peek back

I’m shy however so I look afar quicker

Lip biting, heart thumping

You must be present

And now I feel my breathing become incessant

A rush comes over me and the hollowness fills it

Becoming something far more interesting

Head light almost like after that long toke

And that’s when I become woke

To the thoughts, the ideas, the conceptual


All of it jumbles in my mind meanwhile my soul is already at rest

For knowledgable it is

Of these emotions within I

And as my eyes meet yours once more

I can see that we have both already fallen

And together we take the forgotten breath

Between us it falls , as our eyes catch

And I see in him that we have both lost.
by iamtadala.


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