I promise you these tears are not in vain

I shed them freely, no I won’t hide my pain

I want them to be seen

I need them to display their sheen

These tears I cry are known to be forbidden

To show weakness can never be forgiven

But these streams are only but a reflection

Of a strength unparalleled for it takes much to show sorrow

I weep for a time, until my soul mimicked hollow

These tears I cry will never be in vain

For when I look past one day in my future

I know that these tears where but a suture

One that was used as a balm to really just soothe

These tears where necessary for now I can begin to heal

And then begin to deal

And my grievance period can finally begin

So that one day the cause of the tears will have no effect

But that of a bad memory passed, that I can now claim laughable

My joy will be palpable, the tears dry now

And I will embrace them for what they made me

I will embrace them because I have endured undoubtedly

So unashamedly I stand tall with my tears

by iamtadala


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