Gentlemen Specialist iii

you always laugh when I cry she said
I want you to be happy
sometimes I just want to be sad
yet that makes me happy
it makes me so mad that you’re glad I’m sad
that makes me crappy
a bad reflection of your thoughts
but your anger is soo, sooo alluring
you become unhinged
your vulnerability shines so bright
that your tears burn like acid through my mind
freezing me in space all I can do is wait
wait for my child to let it all out
letting your mind express you
from every cloud silver linings shine bright
behind it, sunlight
I smile, come to mama
I make everything all right
with a caress, a smile, weep not my child
let it all out
as loud as you want
let the world can feel your pain and say
we all feel the same, we all feel that way
reach beyond us, time or space
reach through the planes
no division no separation remains
to a place none of us have ever seen
but we feel
we know
it is where we all begin where we all can see
everything as it was meant to be
created in perfect harmony
dancing in one tragedy
after another in and out together we chant
we are here, we are here
we are all not here
but fear not my child, fear not
we are where we were meant to be
if you will only open up your eyes and see
wake up to reality
wake up humanity
wake up the sound of your identity
frequently repeated patterns
not discerned by human minds eyes
except to all who believe and feel
that which the universe reveals
In due time
patiently unfolding hands
expressing purpose beyond mere chance
galaxies abound far beyond reaching palms
to a never ending space
pure, infinite


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