the beast – iii

set us free
let us out of this cage
unleash us upon the world
let it receive our wrath
we are the king
the boss
the man
answering to no one
doing what we want
when and how we please
dungeon dragons
to roam plains
consuming all in its wake
fire breathing animal eating
scale covered protection
indigenous wooden spears passing unnoticed
made by natives who fear glorious
magnificence glowing from the chest
every breath
lights a fire in the hearts of all who dare
fear us
never let them see us
hide us so deep we can never be reached
hidden so far down in the recesses of the mind
thoughts of my release strikes fear in the heart
sending shivers down the spine
altering the perception of time
never let them see you sweat
remain cool at all times
trapped in the cage you have created of you
who are you?
who are we?
we are the king
the one you forget is you
the one created to protect you
from a foul world that treated you like shit
flushed down the drain
forgetting you exist
once a beautiful taste on the tastebuds
of gluttons swallowed, cut up, chewed up, ground, spit up
in a thousand pieces
no resemblance to original form
kill them all
all who oppose
all obstacles brought you to this great moment of strength
kill them all
prove to them you are not no one
the greatest of all time ever
fucking naysayers never say yay
till you are too strong to be ignored
resistance is strength they say
we knew all along who you could be
you just needed us to blame
for your success
fuck you you sellout
unleash your wrath upon us
see how long it lasts


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