no stars in sight
no sun, no moon
no street lights to light the path
the path to uncertainty
certainly, the only way to go
they say
but I don’t believe them
I don’t see them
they do not see me
who will ever
other than you
let’s not go there
we might not make it out alive
starvation strikes
craving for a nurturing warmth
too cold without lights
too close for comfort
closer to death than I would like to be
far from the beginning
still far from the ending
growth is a blessing
bless me, Oh Lord
my eyes pierce into souls
stare back into mine
what do you see?
black as the night sky
when the clouds are low
nowhere else to go
stuck as fuck
with rage, regret, anger, bitterness
I don’t mind the taste
but they are disgusted
judgments unwarranted
they do not shine into me
pressure presses beyond me
diamonds formed in my vicinity
finding where I am supposed to be
is wherever I find myself to be
no lights needed for guidance
other senses show the way




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