unlucky madman ii

big bad wolf in sheep’s clothing
stuck within the confines of the mind’s eye
seeing the world given meaning
by pleasure seeking feigning wishing
for better days ways to play the same tune
seven different ways from sunday
reminded by the limits of soft skins
surrounded broken bone beliefs
metallic design strength refound
mined from founderies found behind
the sands of time built on man’s back
toiling always to be special
screaming for autonomy
no one wants to be a slave consciously
take the decision from controlled desires
begging to be fulfilled
fighting moral battles
with that which we’ve been taught
more information than we forgot
conditioning never seems to end
questioning beliefs only leads to hell
culture and tradition here for a reason
keep spirit and body apart
never one
never united speaking the same tongues
the tower of babel destroyed by the gods who feared
humans will become strong
struck from the garden of eden for eating fruit
knowledge of judgement brings misery and toil
intellectual misgivings upon us all
trapped between desire and fun
leaving the left hand from the right
enjoying some semblance of a life lived under the sun
never knowing right from wrong
oxygen enters the lungs
leaving the way it came
feeding hungry brains
slaves to the pleasurable ways
who would consciously choose pain
unless it gave pleasure in some way
hands tracing the outlines of geometric shapes
influence thinking in dancing rhythmic steps
made by confused feet on a mission for greatness
bodies writhing in illusory delusions
who will be the greatest
mortals seeking immortal memories
they will never see
just the thought of being spoken of
very encouraging to the striving muscle bound fibers
dominated by struggle to grow beyond the limits
darkness is gone with the memories of dancing around fire
swirling pelvises lifting feet to the sounds of the drums


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