Confession of a thugaholic 

(Sigh)Say, Mami Idk

So much I wanna tell you 

So much I need to express to you

But seems like times moves

In a way keeps my pace close yet far from you 

I don’t know what to do.

Look, I’m so into you, 

So many words I could use

to describe you 

But I’ll stick with beautiful 

cuz you…

-Well I don’t wanna use the wrong words – are the truth.

Never have I been caught in such a web, i’m so confused 

The enigma that is you

I feel like a rat lost in a bush

And my name is Jeb.

You know… Jeb, Bush?

Damn, even my jokes are screwed.

Say, I’m so happy yet so blue

I can’t express myself to you 

As simple as it sounds 

I just wanna come correct at you

When I do…

If I do.

See, to me you’re my igloo

It’s cold outside mami

I just wanna come into you 

Like… cum in to you 

You know… inside you 

Haha mami I’m just playing 

But seriously idk

Use to be die hard romantic tho

Wore my heart on my sleeve 

But nowadays my heart has become very less see through 

Due to past issues 

Complicated not simple

But I want to be simple for you 

Make you smile

Make like smooth and easy for you. 

I think I need a sifu

To Teach the way ways of old

Tell me stories untold

Of men that were bold

Take me back to the me of old

Before the issues that made me… old

Before life made me cold

Teach me to be a better man, you know?

So I can be the best man you know.

But… (sigh) mami I just…idk


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