physical II

physical, external, outward, outside, open
open the eyes of my heart
because you know how the saying goes
do not judge a book by its cover
so then what?
be blinded to everything I see?
everyone I meet?
live life without looking
only with feeling
through listening, talking, communicating, relating
we are all able to relate on something
we are all related in some way or another
how many degrees of separation is it usually
two or three, six at most
but it’s still necessary,
appreciation of skin to skin
your warmth makes me hot
length and width
fat or fit
body movement
the way you walk
the way you dance, it tells me something
it’s important
I am judging
you can’t cover yourself up now
I’m ready to read you
explore every word on each page that you have to offer to me
bring me your offerings
and make sacrifices unto me
you will reap what you sow
sowing seeds into me
delivering offspring
pieces of you in multiple forms
forming perfect harmonies as our bodies sing
la la laa and yes oh hmm
all you gotta do is say yes and hmm
materializing fantasies into realities
take me to that place where my mind leaves
caressing softly, hold me like you care
squeeze and possess me until I yearn for more air
I crave for more you
the taste of your mouth
the touch of your hands
they know my best routes
don’t stop
Simon says go
cure my withdrawal
I’m losing control


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