curious city ii

they say curiosity killed the cat in the hat who thought the facts were right or something like
death to all rats who end up in jail matter of fact snitching killed rats who end up in ditches with snitches for telling facts of acts of crimes committed by guys who lie in wait for people innocent until proven victims of assaulting hands who stand to gain nothing long-term from preying on the weak who seek to live a better life than the strife they were born in, asking questions of reality to learn something that would be considered boring by the one who sits in class making jokes all the time too afraid to read a book for the words swim in front of his face every time he opens a page to learn something hidden from the mind of the brave by the sages who paved the way for all ages to say we have learned something today, from the wisdom of the words constructed like swords to penetrate the mind with precision incision cuts delving through the swamps of kind behavior groomed from cultural traditional religion to the starving mind begging for questions to free thinking from sandboxes of traps in caves with slaves chained to one another by invisible twine memories of baby elephants tried to trees unable to move at the sight of mouse blind thrice by the farmer’s wife who cut of tails with carving knives sharpened daily on stones thrown through glass houses at the vulnerable who dared to show us what they were thinking, we don’t need no education just the experience to be able to play with what we need from reality to ask the right question in due sessions defying lessons passed on by teachers who grieve their egregious conditional conditions stuck teaching the visions and missions of other people who never made enough decisions to consider leaving institutions for more than a season just ask ronnie gleason the reason he listens to books on tapes instead of reading the words on the page or watch videos on youtube to learn the action to refuse and reuse what has been passed from generation to veneration or penetration of the enlightened savage


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