legendary i

the desire to leave something behind far greater than any human form can fathom in the mind of the impossible dreams turned into reality on the heads spinning tops tables turned upside down breeding questions of when and where genius comes from who created the patterns that led to the success of the failing class clown inhibited by learning disabilities leaving behind a body of work to carry the species further than the previous 100 years combined in books written from age to age passed down through libraries restricting access without two forms of identification separated by the span of time how long is the drive till interconnectivity to the super highway no traffic jam bandwidth bloated with streams of information never buffering with non-stop entertaining consumption binging on the ability to freely steal all works we choose to please our minds with to push farther than the previous 100 years combined into a millisecond of instantly gratifying desires reducing the distance between thought and reality in the blink of an eye delivering what we want in the twinkling of an eye seeing all possibilities beyond the four that exist as we interact with building models of what we want to pursue higher and faster than the previous 100 years combined in time moving at the speed of light as thought catches up to what was once lost to the ancients who never shared but were killed in the war afraid mastery would destroy the child not yet ready to grasp the times as more prodigies arise to change the tide


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