breath iii

the thoughts rush in flood breaking waters on poorly built dams
overflowing mind with words with no meaning except the ones given
what to do with the rest of my life today
desiring to be productive with every waking moment
sitting still doing nothing with hands tied behind backs
twiddling thumbs backs ache from lifting
more weight that this body was designed for
oxygen running out of the body screaming, fuck you!
you must breathe
how long can you hold it in?
what do you take me for?
some kind of machine to do your bidding?
feed me you ungrateful degenerate unkind mother fucker!
tired of running begging for sleep
deep enough to keep thoughts at bay for one more day to say
rested like the lord on the seventh moon that arose to greet the sun
in full bloom of the rose in gloom as it senses the smell of doom
cut short to please a being who loves the emotional swell of desire
who does not love to be desired?
who does not want to be loved
tired of people liking me I scream and shout publicly
lying to myself in the mirror
you are the best looking woman I have ever seen
since the day I turned sixteen filled with hormones rushing
through the mind and flooding the body
break dams as waters flood plains
where once innocence grew like leaves unseen
untouched by the glowing sun
the warmth of the touch caressing bosoms
shielded from the eyes by layers of protection
too complicated to be deciphered by the lay man
who thinks too many thoughts to slow down time
from saving his own soul
for an eternal struggle between heart and mind
emotional logic ruling all thoughts
solving all puzzles formed by many years of pressure
turning dark molten ash into something solid
desired by all eyes who see their distorted reflections
smiling with weeping tears back at them
you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
in uploaded memories scattered across clouds
that rain envious desires on desert sands
where once flourished
expanding thoughts of possibilities
seeing everything that could ever be before it happens
neglecting all the other three
focused on the one
the worst possibility
afraid to lose it all forgetting what once was
was never lost until found within
the environment created by the king
on the backs of giants who paved the way
for the supreme being
as the thoughts rush in
flooding plains for days
unleashing the dragon within
all dams break weakened by poor construction
trying to hold back waters
of thoughts


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