belief iv

don’t believe the hype of the revolution not being televised
in an age of cameras filming every waking breath
of children born into a world where
every move is deciphered by
everybody else but the person making the moves
with a constant feedback mechanism correcting every error
leaving no room for happy accidents that lead to breakthroughs
changing the entire world in one fell swoop
cutting down all trees that have stood too tall to withstand the test of time,
shielding all young ones from the blazing sun
to be used as pathways for communication
between two people who would have met no other way
from across the world to fall in love thanks
to digital portal windows into new worlds shown
to every waking eye that pays the price for life
to join the masses in celebrating feats their forefathers could never have dreamed up,
sold a dream about pipes filled with gold sent through lands owned by indigenous people
who sit by and watch in solemn disgust as their lives are pillaged
to make the world a better place calling them savages
mislabeled in every book they do not write about themselves,
who is to blame for the atrocities we see and believe when regardless of the outcome
we say it must be the king who decided how his lowly subjects must be
we need not question his decision only accept that he wants what is best for us
even though it causes us pain in the short run,
they say time tells all things or tests all ideas
and eventually all things make sense to the master with the plan
but the subjects never decipher until they surrender
and stop relying on their expected outcomes,
who comes out with these words proclaimed
as the truth self referencing as the yardstick by which it must be judged
claiming to not judge the faults of the mortal man who must rise to perfection like his father
but deny his very nature to do that,
is art to blame for the artist’s mistake?
or are the songs we sing worth nothing in the end?
placating drug infused addicts sticking to what makes us feel better
than the previous moment in the hopes that we can keep death at bay
for one more day to say hooray! I did something with my life today
I made mother proud enough of all the things she taught me as a child
to abandon as an adult who now sees the world through rose colored lens
thanking his parents for all they did because now he has a child
born into a world different from his, except for the truths that still remain,
that we have no idea who are we, and what we are here for
but continue to learn the mysteries of the wind
and how its power can be harnessed to increase life for all who agree with our way of life,
striving to be more than we were or at least better than poor


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