dance i

traveling without moving through the sounds that I’m grooving as fingers play tricks moving at the speed of thought filling up the corpse with blood reviving the lost soul’s way back to reality the land of the force dancing upon time as words spill forth in mind’s preoccupied the the thought of self prefrontal cortex suspended in wealth built up for years, the banishment of time from the existence of man, immortal flight, taking flight through the plains of clouds forming with every moving rotation of the earth 365 days around the sun god dictating his ways from the greater force propelling his call forward ever never moving backwards except to repeat the same never ending cycle waiting for all at the confluence of the rivers of the sands of time pouring forth in this groove of soup poured for the soul to be revivvide as blood flows through the body and emotions dictate the logic faith must be the reason we believe we are this way for god makes no mistakes even when he doesn’t do it our way


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