dance final

traveling without moving
through the slow motion potion
poured grooving sounds
fingers playing tricks on stringed keys
lined up filed in black and white stripes
first two then three
only two side by side
the distance?
half a step in either direction
which way are you going?
are you going my way?
dancing through streams of thought
splayed forth for all to feel
emotional depths appeal
moving at the speed of thought
too fast to slow time
too slow to see time
back and forth in ascending pulse
awaiting roaring applause
energy descending
filling up corpses with blood
cadavers fall
reviving lost souls way back to reality
whoa! there goes gravity
floating away in a distant song calling all
land of the force dancing upon time as words spill forth in minds
preoccupied with the thought of self
pictures playing ten thousand words
rolling through the cinema of minds
projecting abstract
prefrontal cortex suspended in wealth
built up for years, behind walls that spoil from toil
digging tunnels underneath weakening strength
the banishment of time from the existence of man,
immortal flight, abandoned plans
taking flight through plains of clouds forming
with every moving rotation of the earth
the words come forth
365 days around the sun god
dictating his ways from the greater force
propelling his call forth
forward ever never backwards
except to repeat the same never ending cycle
expecting to reveal the same surprise
frequently on the same frequency
received by all recently
awaiting the confluence of the rivers of the sands of time
influencing smiles mirror tides
pouring forth in this groove of soup
poured for the soul to be revived
blood flows through the mind’s body
emotions dictating faith
must be the reason we believe
considering another way is for fools
we have believed for so long
it must be true
too young to know the difference
between the left and the other left
or what’s left of patterns of randomness
for whose amusement do we move?
for what purpose do we groove?
how many products sold this time around?
how many views?
whose minds are captured by the challenge
suspending their thoughts to pay attention
watching another train wreck performance
designed to keep you enthralled
just long enough to plant a seed
that germinates in yours
we are this way for god makes no mistakes
even when he doesn’t do it our way
for tomorrow we all say
hooray, I did something productive today
but man! did you see that groove?
did you feel that move?
it did something to me
made me feel the hairs on the ends of my skin
somehow it touched the depths of my soul
and I was reminded again
screaming out my song
no longer alone for
I am alive! I am ALIVE! I AM ALIVE!!
dance with me motherfucker for I am Alive


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