adaptation i

what do you want to write about today that will change the way the world sees itself in the mirror of its collective consciousness accepting the fact that there is no good way to do evil or evil way to do the good job of correcting every wrong that everyone commits by waking up from slumber to continue pushing the cogs in the machine of pushing the world to a new frontier dreamed up  by people unhappy with current pleasantries and ways of life that leave us happy with the rest of the world complaining and praying with unanswered tears and fears of children dying too early but born in multiples to soften the blow of a random existence explained away with reason that only makes sense to the fearful afraid to touch the dark to see what is beyond the veil of ignorance where lies all lessons taught to the wise with curious eyes who never shy away from the truth no matter how it feels to be blue to the tune of frequencies that the disturb the flow of the heart from one cycle to the next begging the question, what causes all feelings in the middle of a session when you set out on a journey down the rabbit hole and forget why you were there in the first place wallowing around in self pity till you hear a story that reminds you of your reason for taking the path less travelled to discover what no one else cares about but are content living with, ignoring questions as anomalies to be destroyed for the greater good of all who forgot that variation is the way of life propagating to discover new ways to survive the onslaugh


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