hesitate ii

pause with a cause to force the thoughts swimming in and out of your mind forlorn
stuck sitting in a comfortable bubble safely safe place from the space between your thoughts
reality’s words written in stone formed by the solidifying moss of experience rolling downhill
uphill battles fought by desires wishing and dreaming to be fulfilled
by the full visual appeal of possibilities playing on the cinema theatre-sized screen
minds racing for a modicum of control filled with information from every perspective seen
experience formed by the environment learned from teachers who never figured out their ignorance
from the start to the finish line running a race unaware of the shields built in to protect independent thought forgot to spot the dangers of counting the costs of actions once begun
planes can be directed with much ease in flight than when stationary
moving mass appeal past the commonality of common sense reason
logically enhanced by the fact that emotions are built on the explanation of chance outside probabilities laws studied only by the affected few who view the world through rose colored lens behind the burning bush
safe from the consequences of actions fueled by the blues felt every time steps are taken
towards the fulfillment of dreamed desires slipping away turning into nightmares
before our eyes blinking too fast to see the world move slow enough to stop it dead in its tracks
begging for facts that never change forgetting the fact that will never change
the world will forever change till we all fold into the sun becoming one returning from whence we begun
to awaken as the dream of a being to clean to remember a sin or even the dreams or nightmares
begging for reality, stuck in a loop too afraid to shoot arrows at targets that never stop to move
from giving us our hearts desire to be fast enough to see that which we want come to pass


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