experiment i

what happens if….?
what happens to the world if we decide to lay low and question nothing or decide to act right all the time and by right I mean to what the right side tells us to be just like them in the twinkkling of an eye fly by the seat of your pants at night wizadry playing on tv screens telling us this is reality not what you are experiencing be disappointed with your existence and envious of people who like they lay around all day and do nothing but chill with netflix playing in the background feeding us frenzied fiends supplying all our needs stopping us from the desire to pee, can’t miss the next round of supplied prize fights fed to our eyes intravenously through screens made too big to be carried by one being hung up on the wall strung out in amazement at the view before our very eyes, if only we could live like this, we would be happy, dressed in designer style bags hung from necks on the backs of the hands that sew strings together to spin webs that catch us in burning embers of our sober members remembering the fifth of november where anarchy fades into a distant memory overrun by envious greed feeding our very dreams with thoughts of what we think we want to be not who and what we are. what if we fell to the ground in worship of the gods who designed us to love one another for ever, to eternity and beyond the skies or the violent thoughts we so happily harbor within hoping no one will ever see or imagine that the docile lamb or sheep they see before their eyes is a ravenous wolf who would never share his food


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