What’s a King without his crown?
Someone forgot to remind us we were kings
So we remind ourselves
We found ourselves
In conflict with ourselves
Not understanding our present reality
Until we realized
Kings don’t live this
Kings don’t live like theives
Kings must eat like Kings
A king alone can eat for three
And so I change my present reality
Claim my throne
My lands, my home
Farming and planting trees that grow
Till immortal things start to flow
from every breath of me to every breath of we
They thought us fiends
Forgetting it was we who fed them when they were hungry
Who showed them philosophy
Who taught them the ways of music
and the earth
To sing and dance
And celebrate
So we remind them
Slowly and fastly
The greatest teachers
taking it back
bringing it back
reclaiming our stacks
We’re saluting our pack
We’re aiming for that
taking over that peak you see
Because we are light years from we


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