Tha Bastard final

I pray the lord my soul to keep still in peace as I reach for greatness beyond me starting to see that I live for thee not enough for nonsensical nonentity wake me up and bless me please forgive me father for I have sinned I forgot my identity it must have been a sordid dream must have dreamed a worldly deed all obscene obscenity awakened from a dream at seventy filled with regret and destinies forgotten forsaken surrounded by wealth and memories not taken of long lost banalities waiting to pick up from where I left off stuck in a past non entity nonsensically asleep for eternity elusive illusory illusions weaving visions across the landscape of wisdom that is mind man forgetting the truth rest at ease arrest me please let me cease only the best at ease can see mistakes from the lessons free wake me up I beg you please don’t let another day pass seeing me cry from blessing eyes to deaden skies with blessed disguise I wear it well when I swear by all who dwell in hell to tell the truth at all times and learn the lines of rhyme as one time binds all eyes to the mind not correcting mistakes or achieving praise to make great disgrace I won’t take your place only swear to learn the pace fall in line and dance in time to the rhythm of life’s strides I’ll learn to march to the reason the rhyme for none have sinned who lie in wait to wake us up to eternal budding call songs of tweeting birds messages on trees singing dance around the sun thumping drumbeat sounds of war falling on deaf fears propelling feet faster than hearts can store blood poured forth to stave the fall original sin its own reward be the first to flee who made us all the weak or strong rich or poor who gave when we prayed who lied to open our eyes questions asked where answers lie in wait giving hope to make life worthwhile abolishing the cynical naiveté ignoring the question of if life is a lie civilly clamoring to see the bigger picture unique shared perspective vision skeptic wisdom believers at the same time seeing that which is unseen with brains built for this in due time all fears come to be seen blamed on our identity for know ye not that ye are the sons of god calling that which you want it to be as you can only know it to exist awakening to the sound of the thundering world screaming with arms wide open to be embraced as she is one conscious living breathing organism the sum of the parts all playing their parts well perfectly able to discern the weak from the strong to randomly select who will lead us all to the promised savings plan of taking down any opposition that stands in my way today until I can run freely again and play in the plains singing songs of enemies slain lain down to sleep while they dream of pleasantries


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