Insane Ninja – iv

what sort of boy name jake won’t eat cake or wait to be served by his mates on plates today she asked as I pondered the next task wondering about wet saps who ask for tic tacs to cover breaths of sars too harsh to ask parts of trash who jack knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone back to bark back at a back packing pack of slim jim slams who jam on wood banks for boom baps or raps that rhyme with lines of time from fine wined dimes that dine with prime time ripe riled sinister misters who asked the minister to preach time and again from a pulpit of disgust at all who mistrust the words written in a book out of time or words thrown like a discus from the mouths of men who never lived us or knew how to discuss the distrust we have for missed talks to dare trust who we were before we became docile dressed up sheep in wolves’ clothing who never bother to shave hair bare or share to play the part of true believers in blue toting drug smoking herbal deliverance closed tracks back sliding through the limelight asking right of he who has the answers to the questions I’m asking who are the masters of the visions I’m having forgive me father for I have sinned in the last two minutes passed since my past laps began to give me headaches for dreaming of wet play with four days of more yay than any crack black jack dealers of smack packs can pack into an array of data streams constantly barging in to the mind of the man who never seems to stop receiving visions of connecting scream strings to dots that make entire tapestries of the picture of women who sing with easy glee to tease woven by the death of ignorance or the birth of me rebirth on trees burned in bushes staying intact in facts that cannot be checked by the deck on the chest of the first to be blessed by the death of distress whose mistress was best in class or first to run the rest back through time for lime was squeezed to tear the pack of wolves apart who viewed the fools as tools from views above the penthouse suite with black soot on chimney sweeps as suits on streets paved by the blood of men whose feet never got the see the way we live floating in skies of lies told to children to push farther than all previous years combined confined to living in time apart from desires denied to ensure we live long-term thinking never failed in the blinking of an eye too fast to realize that reflex is a decision made to act fast and bypass the time it takes to form words which move much slower than action screamed louder than the director whose tactics to describe the four laws of the noble cause of truth sold in the booth of a dark room for loot to the highest bidder who killed his sister for distance in the race for grace to be the first to save all the slaves from graves paved by the sweat on their brows and the hands of the lame who say they can do nothing but complain about their plight forgetting the reason for fright to take flight and abandon environments where the weak do not thrive but only the strong survive too busy staying alive to take time


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