Vulgar Genius iv

blue eyed definition of enlightened one who lies resembling description of white man caucasian born white hair running through indian plains lost far far away from home where the heart is pleading the enlightened one stumbled upon the knowledge of ages passed on sages paying no wages to any who follow teachings volunteers must be free who else believes it must cost you something for nothing in life is free except the best you see come with me if you want to live I will open your eyes till infinity you will never sleep again your near dear tear ducts will be dried of all tears you will never cry again you shall know no pain for you will be one with me no body no more body no more separation of bodies just one mind one eye all spirit follow me find yourself within as long as it is within me the answers oh curious one lie on the road less travelled except for a first class ticket to a two way street on the third day of the fourth attempt of every fifth star aligned to the moon on the sixth day of ramadan because seven is a perfect number if you believe in magic do you believe in magic in a young girl’s pants sweat dripping down humid palms unsure of how to unbutton the beginnings of an end where one starts to describe feelings expressing everything unseen where words fail tears fall and all who witness it in silence are awed and appalled at the law of the lord who swore to receive every gift freely given by enforcers who forced it all upon the sons of the fathers whose sins could never be forgiven even when they depart this world for another form better or worse than the previous one because they were stuck in the pain of their ways while they lived stuck looking at the past for what could have changed all deranged not looking forward to the way for the obstacle is the way of the slave to his brain who annihilates all opposition save the queen who dreams of what it means to be the philosopher king in poetry written in ways to say the same thing over and over again except profound thoughts pushed in random words by fingers peddling their design to the highest bidder who sees patterns where none exist foreseeing the future from the past moving to slow to be seen by anyone not slow enough to feel the world revolve around the sound in repeating patterns that paint a beautiful picture when sped up to the speed of now too fast to be seen by the naked eye who is stuck looking at the dangerous lines appearing in front of sight forced to make a decision frozen in time the battle between a fight and flight to safety to be lately the one who lived to tell the story was the coward who was loved with the medal for staying alive long enough to sell more dreams to enlisters to fight in a war they do not understand but believe whole heartedly for the safety of all who they love could mourn one more loss on the battlefield that is life who is to pay the price you ask for we know the value of a life down to the decimal point and figured it out long before your children were thought math and asked what they would ever need to use it for life the teacher replied be not a fool and look at reality you


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