Intellectual Warlock i

jumping jack flash decided to run through time on his back swimming laps around the competition arising, stroking back and forth the egomaniac asked for directions with laser pistol eyes shooting through frustrations only the little blind boy with beggar tooth syndrome could see the truth and ask for loot on his way to the doctor who concocts these stories anyways asked the man with four balls who could hardly walk two blind mice killed the third saying they were tired of sharing the witches eyes and the fourth who was never heard from again lived a peaceful life it is I who set out to set fire to missy’s heart but came back charged with arson for 50 lives I dream, I dream in technicolor of joseph’s coat to be rubbed by 12 sisters on slitherine’s boat but no one knows, no one truly knows the heart of a man is in the belly of the stomach of the mind of a woman who is trapped inside an apple bite of a serpent’s tight lipped secrets of truth giving knowledge to all who will defy death in their search for the secret to being God for who can resist the urge to be just like their father the person who created them from nothing does form follow function to the grave they ask or does conjunction junction continually switch stations like fashion styles stuck in a never ending loop of history repeating itself till some young eyes point out the emperor’s lies which no one noticed because we were too busy bowing down to the ground to see things profound that lay before the very eyes of one who paid attention to the lessons taught by teachers who thought they were just repeating nameless facts forgetting to ask why but innocence has its place in a world with thoughts of love for one more person with remorse at the sins of the father on the sons of the mother who fought to survive forgetting to thrive in the world she created and when ask why only responding I am what I am to the question of people who do not take the time to think before they drink from the well of well-formed words taught without reason in the season of the full bloom moon or the sun that won the battle against a billion tzus or jews who refuse to lose but stay alive long enough to see the world change to their very will with ease if they simply nudge it along


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