lazy-assed overlord final

what makes you happy she said to me right before I died me oh me oh me oh my me myself and I was all I replied what kind of question is that we find joy within all three of us in a circle singing each one of victorious dreams and ideas and celebrities minus the celebrities we drink and drink and drink refilling our bellies until we think no more only think of thinking for thoughts never stop pouring like water falls on rocks of ideas till all that’s left is pure stones shining gems left to run through lands gathering moss on fertile grounds pollinating minds in several lands each one experimenting trying a different tactic a different way of solving problems from each one’s perspective problems that do not exist save in the mind of the solution for the answer begat the question and the question gave rise to the chicken who bore the egg yet no one knows the first leg from whence do ideas come from and to whence do they go when they return what more questions must arise before we accept it all ignorant goats know one thing life all that matters is life you must live and survive if you are to thrive in your strife to become right morally right for moralities might is in the fact that the difference between animals and ants is insignificant like light to a blind man or color to sight serving no real purpose but to remind one of what one does not have or yet know to grow beyond the stance of where he began or from what problems from which he ran mister salesman sell me something more than your cause to follow or fight for for I’m still trying to figure out what to eat tonight not what’s right or what to buy so my neighbors feel the pressure to do better and defeat me in this game we play of who can collect the most stuff and fill his garbage with junk we don’t want till at last we all fall at the feet of the lord who convinces us that he makes decisions which affect us all whether we vote in his favor or not what flavor of ice cream suits us all best including the lactose light who feel no obligation to join our plight of consuming that which we cannot process but must buy because it is what is right in life to survive one must not die and the way to do this is decide in due time for all lies will come to light in time to write down the story of glory minus gory details to be told in tales like fairies to aid the pain of fear that consumes the ears of all who hear the sound of drums of war or the shock to flee what once was home to the soul of the animal conditioned to live in surroundings that drown out every hope he ever had of making it past his mortal soul to immortal throes to be sung of in wailing woe to all who would hear the cautious tale of a man who tried to beat a system by changing his environment to suit his delight the plight of all who listen is given within to read between the lines of the fingers on hand universal friendship sign she laughed as we gathered together in lands where the world knew no end but continued to unfold as stories were told to children to grow them out of slumber into changing the landscape with paint on walls for more than your community wants to embrace the faults of all who would uniquely walk in a room in gloom feeling too alone to bloom in the sun like flowers would do without a thought or a mood to groove to the sounds of songs sung about multiplying life a hundred thousand times with lines that divide to unite the world in consuming climactic life strong enough to survive and give the weak a chance to walk in the light even though afraid to die for paranoia abounds in larger rooms when you are scared of connecting with another soul who would judge you for being too bold to accept what you are told without question and sticking to your section ignoring divergent thoughts as external wars brought upon by the dark side for possession of your immortal soul with no goals of the future in sight but to remain apart from the rest because the chosen one does not mingle with the feeble who need his help regardless of how much they yell or what sounds he hears telling him of how wrong he has been to think the way he dreams or for chasing something different that will end in sorrow even though he finds it in glee what more must I do to become a different me she laughed as I wandered into infinity never to be seen again by all who loved thee but remembered what an asshole he must have been for he never gave nothing but grief laughing all the way to his end hit by a truck around the bend


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