Amateur Beggar ii

the road to hell is paved with good intentions said the wise goat to the sailor take your mind and dwell on the future take your time and leave the past forgetting all that it brings you is a trap don’t be trapped by the four walls of your mind depressingly guiding back into lost time forgotten memories about how helpless you are as a child dependent on giants for everything wishing of a future time where you can stand on your own no buckling feet beneath the weight of the truth that is you holding you back from succumbing to youth never sticking to your present moment always dancing between time travel illusions of changing your present fate avoiding boredom like the plague let’s change another tv station flip backwards somersault through all the moments we have on the flip a gram instagram child of pornographic dice randomly selected by nature to carry on the torch and family trees bless seeds that pass on the force all jedis and siths must meet somewhere in the deep reaches of the pocket of the rich to decide who dies leaving only the coward to tell the tale for dead men tell no tales except of the grave spooking children who walk by cemeteries as they play leaving wise words for all to say who would hear when they walk away you can only live for today not the past days gone by but with your eye on tomorrow looking back to today with not a regret in your pain for you played the game to win from the beginning and took no prisoners in war annihilating all your enemies till all your friends were gone and you stood alone at the top beckoning on all who would join you in world conquest to be the king of the hill with no minions to bow to save the jester or the fool who chooses to entertain all who would spend their time in school studying the ways of the past greats who decided to change the way they lived so we can sit today and share our thoughts and dreams in opinions of things which we could never understand but become great and giving dialogical criticisms with expert opinion on being critics


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