in hell final

the sun never rises or sets on us she said with tears welling up inside round circled eyes telling a story with no lies beaming off her chest with pride so we endlessly dance around her running in elliptical circles orbiting as we reflect her warm ever loving glow we cannot go far from here no matter how far always she is there for we are bound by the invisible strings of gravity our father’s web spun so far out intricately that though we see him not we feel his love radiating in her warmth and when the butterfly causes disastrous worlds to fall by soft spoken words on ears begging for release we find ourselves back at peace worshipping at mother’s feet her warmth ever loving seed bearing trees of fears free to scare children in dreams while they dream of being free from mother’s nightmares overbearing disease to be cured by independent fleets of roaches scurrying about for the survival of the species yet every mother’s dream is for her children to be free to stand tall on feet of their own independently sturdy as trees planted by ever-flowing rivers that know no drought bearing fruit without moving or being swayed by the winds as long as that independence is not from me for I birth you and you sucked at my tit while with undeveloped teeth I nurtured those wandering feet poured tears on every wound till you were healed held you so dear that my heart broke into a million pieces every moment you spent away from me defying my identity forgetting that without me you would be no child and without thee I would be not free to sing songs that mothers sing with village trees in the wind of children free who played far away in the sun and rain while the moon watched with cows jumping over spoons at noon never to be seen again till they return at sunset covered in dirt begging to be fed for the umpteenth time in the day without a word of thanks for all the tears we shed masked as loud screams when we see pain and blood they shed with not a worry or care for anything but this freedom they cherish to dance away and laugh with the fox to see such fun revolving and revolving again and again never knowing where it stops or where it begins to make its ways around the sun one more day at a time till we all eventually become one with her burned by her love too much for anyone to bear blinded by the light she shines for a billion years consuming all darkness within with no escape in sight we fight our plight with pitiful might to never win a war we cannot avoid for how do you win against the sun as she crushes you with infinite pulsating crushing warmth and all who see from afar admire and wish she was theirs in an attempt to escape the love that they have for the grass grows greener on the side of life from where you are stuck in the ever chasing loop of never getting to the other side try as you might to work harder for right or what fills the vision of sight attracting us all like flies to a flame never extinguished like siren song begging you to come


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