irate magician iv

clearly You don’t know me I’m the irate magician you should know me I flow for days making magic appear in ways You have never seen or ever dreamed or can ever think You can’t get next to me I’m better than anyone who thinks they can doesn’t matter what it is if You think You can I’m better than even Your soda can pouring sugar down Your thirsty throat You silly billy goat giving your hope of better days than yester days or jester plays in front of tv screens beaming scenes all selling shows to grow up on parental discretion advised while the revolution is beamed right in front of our eyes no more corn high fructose syrup substitutions for the highs of life till diabetes strikes twice in one night where lightning flies with no try I’m water feeding Your empty souls with enough soul force to bring You back to the dead all dread no one messes with the law I’m judge dredd you feared to ask if you dare I’m here to take away any confidence You had in Your ability to be the best because I’m better take it up a notch and I’ll ruin all You ever thought was possible with a simple shrug of the shoulders or a terrible nod You tried You should be glad I showed up to show You the errors of Your way I’m just telling You the truth You know I’ll never lie to You I do it because I love You fuck You You ungrateful piece of shit You should worship the ground I walk on water for hours for days I pray to grace You with my imminent presence maybe then You will make it You can make it past the pearly gates of hell where I dwell with such grace and class my face is base we will clap for You applaud You good son job well done You finally made it past a marching barage band bunch of nonsense tries and endless lies welcome to the club of content contempt foolish strength we express with words what our hands can’t contend You are welcome to the club pass Your master the card with the visa to the lounge of hearts of mass produced masses en mass en route to the doom of gloom where mediocrity lives in great abundance and all who try get a medal for their effort who gives a shit that you cry when I speak up grow a pair and be a man be not afraid of what’s inside Your eyes see beyond the world in time but don’t forget who made it all possible me I pushed You I tore You apart with bare hands till nothing was left inside and turned You into a beautiful work of art You ugly butterfly in your monarch winged seat of dreams you owe me your life don’t take a breath without me or you will regret the day you decided to leave and doom your life to everlasting pain refrain from trying things on your own chasing your passions is a waste of time when you must live and survive on scraps from the tables of the high places who show favor to the diligent or lazy as long as they love your face it matters not why try do things my way and I’ll make sure you play favorite to the lords of the way


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