Wicked Samurai iii

no honor for thieves unless they are free then all bets are off no gamble in fees kill all who oppose don’t vex I displease unless they pay then all get my love small killing for free we all dream of scenes that are destined to be yet no one is sure since we stumble and fall unless they do best in passing the test the rest I detest free prizes to give please don’t be deceived or charge this to me if all small grow tall and all tall still fall then how long do trees stay strong in the wind while we beg it for heat who spreads this disease no one is sure except money on trees who charges a fee what price is paid to not be afraid and die in the past of future disease possibly we all will be free to bless on the lord who shares with his will his mercies for all who stumble and fall yet all gods are God till one of them falls then God is the one who rumbled the world prepare for destiny if all men are gods then who are we I guess in questioning we become one and all so much more for no one is small if they look from the sunlight at the moon when it blooms to save us from doom and gloom of the tides in the night give us us free no more begging please we are done with wrestle in dubbing it three now we take it from thee what we want to believe is how we should be but stuck in the between love and the call duty must be the death of the dream or dreaming must be the question we think


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