Sarkastik Prophet ii

confusion breaks bones down to dust every tone heard blown out the ears paranoia increasing paranoid delusions of words flown across seas assassinate characters who do not exist save in the mind of all who fear to dare dream big and watch the world boo who are you boo who do you think you are to do what you do boo how dare you speaking out of turn forgetting all your tongues wondering what the next move is in a world of possibilities where all things exist the universe bends in extremes its ideals flooded with blood in all extremes panic sets in all extremes stuck between a rock and a hard face stuck in a chair pondering wondering uttering nothing of constructive criticism everyone else knows what you should do but you how do you decide how do you move forward how do we derive solutions to problems we do not know or do not know that we do not know yet seeing all else but the plank in the eye of the beholder judging value by what we do not know yet the sun rises on all or does darkness just fall as the earth rotates around the world  no one could have predicted the fall of man from the heights of sinking sands to the bottom of the sky escape velocity on the next trip to mars soaring higher than eagles roar as lions form pacts with packs of cackling laughing hyenas to rule the jungle world no one is lost all are confused are you confused or just wildly amused by the mulling muse who refuses to share her thoughts with the artist struggling to find his ear or the eye for detail filled with emotions on roller coaster rides that never end only to begin again never ending patterns unfold in little sections until it is too late cognitive blindness cannot see beyond the bridge of the nose too busy seeing what is in front of me to notice what is behind or what dreams may come in the future space race to be the greatest who ever came to grace the world with his face while we debase the value of time as she continues her line


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