X-cessive Professional iv

straight lines
oh you straight lines
perfect grid locked structure tight
no bending
no curving
always straight even stateside
perfectly created to guide
everything in its place
nothing lost no slide
nothing out of place
no thing ever out of place
not even outer space
all serving function
functional functioning function
conductor’s junction what pray tell is your function
even negatives have their space
creating room for the positive
always in one direction
unable to turn
stuck in deed straight lines
no bending
no curving
perfectly rigid grid all free
no friend to wind or winding
changing variables
random uncertainty
afraid to be anything else
unable to fathom the world
ignoring reality
stuck in fantastical fanatic fantasies
magically transported with magic beings
what a fantastic dream
oh straight lines
such beautiful fantastic straight lines
your haunting gridlocked nightmarish restrictions
painting the perfect picture every time
hiding unseen broken lines
keeping the background hidden
in awe the audience stares
no one wants to actually know the trick
magic is all we see
suspend this belief
look not behind the veil
curtain calls abandoned
this must be reality
what we perceive
such perfect straight lines
all matters state wise
form and function play nice
only jesus came twice
masters of sex spread thighs
in how many tries
you must be the reason
we no longer seem calm
forced to take control
of every breakdown
no inefficiencies in the system
who cleans up your mess
oh straight lines
you glorious marvelous
straight lines not one end in sight
infinitely hypnotizing eyes
lulled by lullabies
to fall fast asleep at the wheel
to awake in hell
rough patches never before seen
turning over and over
changing too fast from dreams to nightmarish scenes
give me back straight lines
I miss ever present straight lines
easier to control than surprise
lies abound in time as I devise new ways
to play in grid today


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