Mad Bandit iii

this whole time I thought I stole her heart  I was wrong she stole mine now all I am is cold old stone unable to feel anything not even toes shivering stuck alone all alone far from home gone to moan hurdled in corner ghost fraction of what once was whole only thing existing now blackhole worming its way through the universe sucking all available light removing the source of sight for that is all which feeds the hunger that now exists where once was filled joy satisfactory contentment insatiable pain chronic never ending fatal to all who come too close to the sun to be burned wings torn as dreams mourn till you turn into me dark as the black of night unseen by those who live in glass houses should not wear clothes or be clones of their former selves for we can see all your secrets repeat resist in surrogate bodies undone by civility trapped by morality who is the pope who is olivia pope who is oliver de coque for double the price on jeopardy annihilate identity identify morality so we can all say you came you participated you played the game a trophy for being humane you killed no one in your search for fame kudos you are no sadam hussein I demand you remain the same don’t change for no one don’t play the game remove yourself from being able to lose if only the few remain who substitute the truth for pain inflicted with no thought about the consequences of the words you say you choose to lose abuse the fool touch the moon soon you’ll swoon at the sight of light for fright of might that holds no candle to the standard of the man who lost control at the thought of love to fall in front of his heart and mourn the death of freedom by voluntarily enslaving yourself to be great include the recluse in your thoughts as you pray for no man is an island except the devil stuck all alone for eternity in a zone where no one wants to go except those he calls on to be friends for an eternity


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