Pesty Genius ii

I want what I cannot have which is nothing so I chase my tail round and round in circles never being able to catch up to what I already have for the grass is greener on the other side or tracks so I never get there pray tell what’s on the wild side of life or mind always looking over my neighbors edge and admiring always over the edge and admiring always over the ledge I’m flying in circles wondering where it ends where does it all end where does it bend to my will or bow at the whims of my skill watch me kill infinity has no end for there’s always something greater something better it never ends but where do we begin how do you start a story that has no end how do I reach a height that cannot be measured who will save me from this unattainable goal I keep chasing I keep chasing unhappy that I do not have that which I cannot want confront the reality comfort insanity believe in gravity yet you can fly spread your wings flap them hard take a dive in the deep end you will figure it out how to fly soaring is your natural state soar in your natural state I’m sad
saddened by passing days
afraid to never see the past again
always looking back
thinking of changing it with what I know
if I knew this then I would do that instead
but I know this now what am I doing to my head
I lay in bed and wonder
pondering the outcome of all things
I must be God, infinite in wisdom and form
alone, the only one
stuck in eternity
no hope
no prayer
to save me from this end
this wind blows me from end to end
over and over again
till I find


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