Mighty Knight iii

rain falls from cloudy minds blinded by light days served under candlelight now forgotten by fears expectations of a sunrise met only by storms thunder in every direction lightning strikes twice sweeping away all thoughts back and forth push and pull over and over again storms rage strong violent sweeping waters boats tossed to and fro with not a shore in sight fight for control not one mind but two opposing forces in concerted performance directed by maestro waving hands signaling up and down strokes of each player playing parts written to no deviation except when called for in harmonious enthralling tones surrounding listeners with warm emotional thought painted pictures words could never express duality abounds throwing rationality out the window expected expectations revised themes tossed in trash screaming shouting begging for joy to dance in storm picked up by wind feather on leaf washed upon shores beached for days no sign of life thirst refreshed by drops of water from tears of a happy child explosions of napalm awaken the deadened dreaming soul to the reality of the fight in front of horrified eyes mushroom clouds blotting out all light hope is lost gone again for generations unborn bearing the sins of invaders reaped by generations unborn because the animal was uncaged though the cage was strong it forgot the changing animal death never surpasses life eventually all beings outgrow their form all evolve transformed into butterflies flapping wings forgetting slow moving caterpillars becomes more than what is seen externally trapped in vulnerable cocoons of nature’s design


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