Gentlemen Specialist ii

you always laugh when I cry she said you don’t really care about or love me only yourself you’re selfish
only because I want you to be happy your tears tell a different story from what I’ve seen you be if only you
but sometimes I just want to be sad it’s part of the experience and I wish you would not act so indifferent to it
I know, yet that makes me happy to see you cry your pain away for I know soon you’ll be greater than today
but then it makes me so mad that you’re glad I’m sad your laugh pierces my pain making it worse in disgust
well that makes me crappy a sappy dog lacking in emotional fortitude to cry with you or hug your fears
a bad reflection of your thoughts as you fuss in worry about the sorry nature of mankind ignoring your glory
but your anger is soo full of frustration and overwhelming feelings that you seem stuck in a loop not knowing the truth is sooo alluring to me that you do not see who you are beyond the present moment of pain caused by your rage you become unhinged forgetting what it is I have seen or know you could be beyond the
your vulnerability shines so bright
that your tears
well they burn like acid through my mind
freezing me in space that all I can do is wait
wait for my child to let it all out
letting your mind express you
from every cloud
the silver lining shines
behind it
so I smile
come to mama
I can make everything all right
with a caress and a smile
weep not my child
let it all out
cry as loud as you want so the world can feel your pain
and say
we all feel the same
I’m happy you struck today
that is what we came here for
to reach beyond us
beyond time or space
to a place none of us have ever seen
but we feel it
we know it
it is where we all begin


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