miss understood iv

no matter how many times the story is told the end remains the same never again never again over and over again round and round in circles we go dancing up a storm celebrating too early only to be hit by a bus never surviving the hit or so it seems round and round we go rollercoaster ride up this time down again scream and shout how many rounds can we go this time pound for pound with the heavyweight fighter trained for days to drain every breath of air left remain deranged a slave to grace deny deny deny all plausible possibilities denied retry refire with right maybe this time is right no way no how tried but tired always seems this way always looks this way no point in trying to change no point in fighting the rain no point in fighting the train no point in fighting change if everything stays the same predictable loopty loop looped pattern dance is the only thing to do  in trance in transit see where this takes us this time round and round through the ups and downs the crests and troughs request the most ask to boast the blessed will toast be in the moment stuck enjoying everything not seeking to explain or be understood understand the patterns reach higher faster and faster and faster till at last you become the master mastering every detail of the piece of art created by life captain of the sealed fate of destiny destined to be the big cake blessed you see feeling every rain drop on faces clouds planting seeds of forbidden tree apples to be eaten by eve then given freely deceived to adam to choke him in throat till end of days prevent him from eating from the tree of life to become immortal inside design fly by night right by seat of the pants a reminder no matter how many ways the story is told the end remains the same


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