Wicked Specialist ii

when it rains It pours unending torrents of pain poured out again and again till all feeling is gone all that remains a soaking wet numb stump phantom pains where once lied a useful limb atrophied by constant effortless neglect let thunderstorms come pouring rain sweeping away all leaves on trees with weakened roots forcing the strong to bend tsunamis wash away every indelible name etched in sand in the hour glass of time never to be remembered except by those who cherish memories held unable to let go do you think the dead watch over us she asked tossed to and fro on wavy waters in pendulum swing darkened clouds overhead not a glimpse of sun in sight hiding from all hidden for what seems an eternity the wind howls screaming for lost children nowhere to be found ground aches pregnant pains begging seeds to come forth grow into trees that provide shade the day comes when sun shines so bright we pray once again for days of rain casting no shadows burning so bright all become one with glow basking in embers that change all into firebrand her fire brands our every waking moment till dark falls again


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