Scratchin’ Professional ii

I hate that I love you so much it hurts to say these words I’m afraid fear grips me so tightly I can hardly breathe in your presence the thought of being weak pushing me to speak yet words fail to express the depths of pain we feel when we see only to be parted again by what seems an eternal burning dividing flaming red sea I love that you hate me so much you cannot seem to stop speaking when I come closer to you than anyone ever has since you let me in too deep I am your skin no one has the power to hurt you like your kin which is me turn around and see how near I am to you always by your side regardless of how you feel or what you say I am there day and night no riddles to comprehend no puzzles to fix yet I cause you so much pain that all attempts to love me have been in vain should I refrain from speaking to you day to day that we might have some agreement and remain friends forever who never speak touch or see is that the way to end these pains we feel these joys we see this thing we do not understand this us that is we yet I feel like myself when you are with me and you feel like me you feel like yourself when you are with me and this you is free free to be whatever it is you want to be or choose to see in this moment how do we let that go how do we let it show how do we shine bright enough the whole world knows the truth is us and we are one and all are more than what we thought we must be


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