You iv

I want to know you from the top of your head to the soul of your feet with everything in between there is to know about you to know the stuff I do not yet know you do not want the world to know to show you that I want to know willing to listen to every word you speak willing to show me how to know you what is the way what must I do to be born again as you to know everything you do sharing it with you together in the know looking at all of it till we find this gem hidden spark buried light on a hill shining bright it drew me to you in the first place till it consumed me I want you to see what I see for your words never match my reality you shine as bright as a star covered in blanket darkness of night something unknown ugly dark scars telling beautiful stories hide your smile ignorant I see you but do not know what occurs when you think of yourself what thoughts do you keep how do you keep them so well hidden that I cannot see I want to penetrate deep into the recesses of your mind see the world the way you do so that I will know how you feel what pain to heal I want to know what I do not know about you I want to know you I want to know everything there is to know about you and the only way I will know is if you tell me better yet if you show me teach me who you are teach me how to be you for I want to be you beautiful endearing alluring deceivingly bereaving intriguing you in the know


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