emotions iv

these feelings, surrounding
holding, blood coursing through veins
deranged, in pain
praying for daze, to feel amazed
at the fact I lay, lame
filling extremities
surrounded by unending stimuli
stimuli stimuli stimuli
scream you will
scream you like
scream all you like
no one will hear you
except the deaf old man listening
watching, waiting, standing solemnly
hands crossed behind his back
watching you gag
you will soon come
asking questions
running in circles
questioning those questions
questioning all answers
skeptical in style
these feelings you have
try, try, oh try to put them in words
clearly describing exactly what it is you are feeling
you try, you try and try
describe the feelings inside
the words, they never come
all you hear is phrases
what sounds like words
what sounds like lines
again you try some more
what sounds like this, this sounds like that
jibber jab a jack tit tat knick knack phatty whack ah tat
who says words like that?
in fact who says words should rhyme on time
with mics that stand for life
time warrants we speed up the process
but why? why oh why you ask
so much you sound like child
toddler thrice, curious in mind
sad not glad or mad as the world turns
without your say so, constantly changing
at the speed of thought
freaking me out
I loved it when everything was the same
back when I was safe
dependent on giants for this way of life
trapped in cages built by pages
who work for wages to feed my rage
is unexplained for
this constantly spinning table cannot hold me
much longer
I will fall off the edge of the earth
into the cliff of an abyss that is death
let me rest I beg


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