Antoine Fuqua ii

raw scratched uncut
exactly what I was for four
years, yes, and then for four more
turns of the moon in june I swooned
from the elixir of your scent
spoiled sweet mixed poison
of my, mind, infected by your stench
still lingering on my breath
sleep erasing all attempts
to wash away all of you
you return daily never leaving
always reminding me that you are there
even when I forget
hey hey hey you say
wake up and smell the coffee
hot and wonderful
brighten up your day
bright enough to make you
forget sleep, come, you say
let’s play for one more bit
I promise to pay you more
than what you once were
free, here’s something for you to keep
something small for you to eat
till you return again
we can say tomorrow to play
sleep needs or knows you not
she just wants you to do nothing
how boring? it’s not like you need her
except when you spend time with her
consumed by her thoughts her touch
spend your mind with me instead
we can be free you said
if we just played instead
instead of dreaming
head in the clouds
scheming, feigning fiendishly
for another hit of ecstasy
this wonderful fantastic feeling
a feeling untouched by nothing
in the world of dreaming
beaming us beyond the stars to life
as we once knew it inside
the lies build castles in skies
with no foundation
to withold the strife of assault on pride
going before fall to autumn’s return with smiles
telling stories no one asked for
all are friends to foes we distrust the musk of his scent
love to behold the stench


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