The darkness iii

unleash the dragon believe in dagon
the dark one the dark force
of he whose name we do not mention
the dark lord
convinced he must be
let him out of this cage with rage
crave the killing
no one tames a lion for long
the weak are the strong
or lions or tigers or bears
set the beast free
scream it loud from mountain top tree
scream it loud be free
king kong ain’t got …
king kong ain’t got …
king kong ain’t got shidonme!!!
king kong ain’t strong enough to step to me
my identity
too big to falter me for being
in a jungle too humble to be mentioned
with the struggle who hustles will be sanctioned
leave this world for another dimension
see these thoughts for nothing but discretion
returning with the words of God
burning with the sword of love
I am the messiah
burning all with desire
cut down anyone who retires
see fire, see I, see higher
breathe in life and see right past
the bright light shine far
abandon old ways for the unseen
unknown, untold stories of old
who created all thoughts as they swim
from one end to the other
never coming or going
over and over and over and over and over
till my mind ignores every word you spoke
I no longer hear you
you can scream and shout
as loud as you want
no one will ever hear you
I will keep you buried in this hole deep so far
the very thought of uncovering you
will bother me


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