Violent Dominator iv

decisions decisions these deep incisions
you cut across my skin
with precision to inch across my being
burning deep within
this fire unquenched by thirst
for fresh water
desires for rest to pass tests
left bereft touched by stress
I can’t decide which I like better
the pain the hurt it burns like joy
splendidly filling my pregnant eyes
with tears for months
to be brought forth
yearn for more
in sheer unbridled joyous
birthing pains
screaming “Oh! what a wonderful world!!!”
to the tune of Louis
with arms strong
we are dancing again
never to stop
no matter the state of our feet
never to pause
no matter the way of defeat
for if we dare to be
anything other than this
no more bliss is the fee
we must pay
give us us free
we must be free
marked up and carved
from every corner of our hearts
beautiful design
jagged rough edges withstand
to no longer stand
with pride about who we are
every shred of dignity left
to cry out loud
see no confusion
bowed bruised broken bended befuddled
muddied muddled
vulnerably voracious
yet desirable
shining glorious gem
brightly colored firm
reflecting light from every angle
adored by another
loved by more than mother
one with no obligation
to love you for no other reason
than that you are
amazing glorious angelic divine
grand designed in mind of master
made in the likeness of


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