Enema iv

trembling tumbling thundering
silent sound in distance
war approaching
sneaking up on shores
before awareness
consciousness expanding beyond previous views
open to landscapes once known
now terror filled zone
fields of green promising blood filled gore
destruction of nature by its very own design
tightening squeezing all air out
no oxygen
gasping for breath stuck in side
gashed by spear
rolling around
grasping pulling pushing
water separates from blood
flood thoughts with horror filled sight
fighting in slow motion reveal
plot thickens with song until sound in distance
moment of joy
sound of silence comfortably haunting
no birds in sight the skies divide….



heart beats loud
explosive corrosion
revisit the ocean
at peace in commotion
growing enlarging engorging engulfing
flooded fright
consuming everything in sight
culminating in one fell swoop foul stench of death
all that remains
relief falls all on swords as they cry with joy
warriors undefeated in battle leave to tell the tale


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