Intellectual Wizard ii

flushed with blood from top of head to grounded earth unbent straight back shoulders laced packed in place every detail frozen spaces between mind ridges embedded deeply never forgotten by anyone far near scent of air as birds cease to fly goodbye slow motion notions potions devotion ocean radios crackle with same excitement announcement for one and all from far or near hear this business is your business come near come cheer come one come all gather witness fall of goliath giant great behemoth on who we stood for years to witness future cheer with us share with us this moment we all have feared alas is here we have been waiting to see this moment more years than we care to admit even to seed planted feed desires fly higher farther than any who dreamed dared even when scared we shared with dread doom sound of death playing in our eyes swallow me whole I beg, please, I pray, consume me now so I can never be seen again by any and all who screamed hear me please understand plights unseen experienced by teller of stories experience


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