Regret ii

live a life of regret no fear
choices to make
choice is right
war must be fought
free all slaves from themselves
let us hate someone else
if I die on earth does my soul go to a planet
descent even deeper than depths of hell
is that how life is spent
living day to day for rent
let us play let us pray for days on end till we are spent
asking forgiveness for break of day
who are we who are we to say
what place what role to play
opportunity runs through fingers
sand filters through cracks in hourglass of time
focus on hour hand as it slowly moves inside
while seconds pass you by
too fast to see in slow motion
everything can happen with no motion
spontaneously quantum leaping from your mind
to stage of life’s rhythm rhyme
reality is bendable
awareness of dread you once feared
needing more information
receiving too much
filled with questions
no answers, no wisdom, no strength to share
audience of peers
greatest fear
finding out you did this to yourself


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