Russian Roulette final

I dare you, spend a day in my shoes then tell me you still love me
after you’ve paid my ever mounting debt
after you find out things I’ve been hiding from you like exactly how I feel
or stink, 
or how many times I’ve killed
innocent bystanders just for looking like me
murder ring
sending them to an early grave
slaves to earth beneath
food for worms to eat
making sure I’m alone in misery
love’s company
truthfully would you stick around or scream
and yell in my eyes “you stink”
unable to hold it in
burning smell of sulfur
stomach churning acid boiling bile vomit cries
wetting eyes
contracting muscles clamp down
product of broken sewer system unleashed on public streets
spreading viral thoughts on all who come across
unwilling to bend
my friend, would you love me then? unconditionally?
after finding out what I really am
how I really sound
despicable fiendish child of God banished from heaven for eternal sins
including the ones you commit?
will you beg the father to forgive?
would you end my suffering?
or rebel for being cast out from him
for being how he made you to be
burned up rejected offering
laugh in my face saying I deserve exactly what I give
how would you feel,
to inflict pain
and LOVE it
with every fiber of your being
joyous screams enthralling your everything
for eternity


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